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About us
We are supplier of apparel and non-apparel fabrics of polyester, rayon, cotton and others. We produce screen print, tie dyed, flocking, metalic, and p/d. We have extensive experience in production of those items. Our print business is our most distinguished area of specialty, whether it is from our customer's patterns or our open line. With frequent visits to trade and fashion shows worldwide, continuous market analysis, and experienced individuals in key positions, X-PLUS has been able to provide its customers the variety necessary in an ever evolving industry. We have the finest quality in fabrications and designs. Our extensive experience in the textile industry has privided us with the expertise we need to supply our valued customers with the latest fashions and designs they need to compete with their competitors.
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Address : Rm 602,A-Dong,250-3,Hagye-Dong,Nowon-Ku,Seoul,Korea 139-230
              (서울시 노원구 하계동 250-3 A동 602호)
TEL : +82-2-949-8257
FAX : +82-2-949-8256
E-mail : xplus35@naver.com
URL : http://www.xpluskorea.com

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